Classroom (Weeks 1-4) Clinical (Weeks 5-8)

Mon-Wed of week 1 is 4-9:30 ; Thurs 4p-9p
All remaining weeks are Mon-Thurs 4p-9p​

Please note, all programs have a 100% mandatory attendance requirement for program completion!


 ​Please call to put your name and number on a wait list if you are interested in a class that is full! Spots do come available!

8 Week Night Class (Eugene Only)

Classes with * have an altered schedule. Please call for changes.


Classes with * have an altered schedule. Please call for changes.

4 Week Day Classes for Eugene and Albany Day Class


​​​Nursing Assistant Level One

We offer four week day classes in Eugene and Albany. Eight Night Class is only available in Eugene. Upon successful completion, students will be eligible to take the state board exam. Once a student passes their state board exam and Oregon State Board of Nursing background check, they become a CNA! Graduating students are eligible to begin working the day of program completion. Many of our students are extended job offers at their clinical location! Read below for class descriptions, schedules, and dates. Be sure to review our "Requirements" page for a list of any prerequisite requirements and the "Fees" page for class costs.

Classroom (Weeks 1 & 2)

   Monday Through Friday 7:00 am until 3:30 pm
Clinical (Weeks 3 & 4)

 Monday through Friday 6:00 am until 2:30 pm 

*Sept 12- Nov 10 )No Class 10/31; Make-up on 10/28

*Nov 14-Jan 6 (No Class 11/23, 11/24, & 12/26; Make up Fridays 11/18 & 12/30)

Jan 9-March 3

*July 5-July 29 (Albany) FULL

July 18-August 12 (Eugene) FULL

August 1-August 26 (Albany) FULL

*August 15-September 9 (Eugene) FULL

*September 6-September 30 (Albany) FULL

September 19-October 14 (Eugene) FULL

October 3-October 28 (Albany)

October 17-November 11 (Eugene)

*October 31-November 25 (Albany)

*November 14-December 9 (Eugene)

November 28-December 23 (Albany)