Albany Class Schedule

Wk 1: Classroom       Mon-Fri

           7 am - 3:30 pm

Wk 2:  Classroom      Mon- Wed

           7 am - 3:30 pm

Wk 2: Clinical in Corvallis

            7 am - 5:30 Thurs & Fri

​            7 am - 3:30 Sat



CNA 2 Night Class Schedule are the same days of the week but classroom hours are 2:30-11p. CNA 2 Night class is only available in Eugene.

Please note, all classes have a 100% mandatory attendance required for program completion!

After receiving a CNA 1 license, students are eligible for the CNA 2 class! CNA 2s are eligible to seek employment within a hospital, in hospice care and other additional settings outside of a nursing facility.

Schedules with * have an altered schedule. Please call for information.

​CNA 2 Classes

​*November 15-Nov 28 (Eugene)

November 29-Dec 11 (Albany) FULL

December 27-January 8 (Albany)FULL

January 10-January 22 (Eugene) Changed to a day class

January 24-February 5 (Albany) FULL

​February 7-February 19 (Eugene)

February 21-March 5 (Albany) ONE SPOT

March 7-March 19 (Eugene) 

March 21-April 2 (Albany) 2 SPOTS

April 4-April16 (Eugene)

April 18-April 30 (Albany) 2 SPOTS

May 2-May 14 (Eugene) Night

May 16-May 28 (Albany) 2 SPOTS

If a class is full, you can still be placed on a wait list. Give us a call :)


Eugene Day Class Schedule

Wk 1: Classroom      Mon-Fri                         7a- 3:30p

Wk 2: Classroom      Mon-Wed


Wk 2: Clinical         Thurs-Sat